Who is Leo Harris?

Leo Harris

Born in Western Australia in 1920, Leo Cecil Harris was called by God and used in a profound way. As a boy he experienced the joy of salvation and was wonderfully filled with the Holy Spirit in 1927. It soon became evident that God had a ministry call upon the young man as he began to serve God with zeal and determination.


By his late teens and early twenties Leo Harris was involved in fruitful ministry across Australia and New Zealand. Whilst in New Zealand in 1944 Leo Harris received a clear call to return to Australia.


Leo Harris arrived in Adelaide in September 1945 where he launched the first meetings of what became a strong and influential Pentecostal Church.


On the 4th of November 1945, the first Sunday service was held in the lower hall of Kings Theatre, King William Street, Adelaide. This date is
regarded as the commencement date of Adelaide Crusade Centre Inc (now known as Adelaide Christian Centre).


The ministry of Leo Harris soon proved to be Apostolic as new ministries and churches were birthed under his leadership. The international movement now known as CRC Churches International was birthed under his leadership.


The life changing biblical teaching of Leo Harris continues to impact people around the world. We are pleased to present a range of ministry resources on this website that will be of great blessing and encouragement


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